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DJ Max in Action
DJ Max in Action at the Out In The Park after party 2016.
Having a Wedding? Having a Party? Need a DJ?

Afraid your Wedding will be lifeless? Afraid your Event will be boring? Desire a Wedding Specialist? Need a Party maker? Then you need me, DJ Max the Antidote to boring and lifeless events. I have over 30 years of DJ’ing and 250+ Weddings under my belt – as well as literally thousands of bar and club nights (how many of my competitors can claim this?) – I am that specialist, I am that ‘party maker’. If you want your party to rock, I know how to ‘rock the party’ and importantly, how to keep it ‘rocking’

Close Listening

I listen closely to my clients musical needs and work up playlists to match their tastes. Hence, in my hands the music for your special day will be seamless and just as you want it. I ask all my clients to list their likes and dislikes, especially those tunes that will have them scream and shout with pleasure and excitement (please do this), or having them throwing things at the DJ (please don’t do this). It is a great thrill and pleasure to a DJ to hear your audience respond pleasurably to a song you’ve dropped. We love it when you sing along :~)

Book Me, Get Me

When you book me, you get me, not a last minute ill-prepared substitute with whom you’ve had no previous contact. A not uncommon tale in this industry, especially with a non-local multi-op DJ business. I fly solo, I’m local, and I’m here to meet at anytime and anyplace. If I’m not available, I’ll tell you so and I might even help you find someone who is, circumstances depending

Old Fashioned

Call me “old fashioned”, you book me, you get me, no excuses, no substitutes. I say “I’m your DJ”, then I’m your DJ, my word is bond

An Anecdote and tip for your Wedding or Event

No names here. I recently had days to find a DJ for ‘friends of a friend’ for a Wellington Wedding, on a date I was not available for. This, after their Auckland based multi-op DJ Service utterly failed them … to continue reading and to collect my tip for when booking a venue, please follow this link to my Blog page

Need Timeline Advice for your Wedding or Event?

Ask me for advice on the timeline of your special day. With my extraordinary Wedding experience I have the expert knowledge to help make your Wedding unforgettable and to help you to make it flow smoothly. My clients frequently rely on my advice when setting their timelines, I know what I’m talking about. Wedding, or otherwise, I can discuss and detail plans that will make your day seamless. I will bring your personality shining on through

Making the Right Choice for your Wedding or Event

Choosing the wrong entertainment can have a terrible impact on your special occasion, choosing the right entertainment is transformative. We are here to have fun! A DJ, or DJ’s with poor song choice, poor crowd control, bad transitions, suck. In turn, they suck the energy out their audiences. Don’t employ a ‘Train Wreck DJ’ (when a DJ can’t mix/beat blend). Read my Testimonials and see what my clients have to say. Check out my DJ Max Facebook page and see video footage and photos from some of my events

Free Consultation on your Wedding or Event

Want to talk? I do, and I offer a no obligation, face to face consultation, whether by Skype or in person. More than one, if required. Call me now on +6421433989 or 021433989 if NZ based

The Performance, the Music

From 30 years of DJ’ing, I have absorbed a lot of music. My knowledge is extensive and highly varied, as are my personal tastes. Thus, I can beat match, and beat match across genres, this is an organic process for me, I do it, not a computer. The palette of tunes I select from encompasses the 50’s on up to current chart and I have 10’s of thousands of tunes in my collection. I have been recognised for my programming skills and I have been responsible for programming music for several hospitality venues here in Wellington

The Journey

A great DJ takes their audience on a journey coloured with emotion, a task well beyond what Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, an iPod or ‘insensitive’ DJ can provide. A great journey needs a great guide, being a great guide is instinctive as is reading a crowd. I am an expert at reading the crowd and I control the crowd, they do not control me

Song Edits for Weddings

I have from time to time been required to edit down critical pieces of my clients music. That is, removing portions of a tune that whilst they love that particular tune, they dislike a particular verse etc. Important for the likes of Processional, Signing, Recessional or Entrance tunes. Talk to me if this is something you’ve been worried about

Happy to Travel

Travelling is fun, and DJ’ing has taken me to some pretty cool places, where I’ve met some awesome people. I’m happy to travel and will travel wherever and whenever my skills are required. The Wairarapa and Hawkes Bay, being regular destinations for my Wedding work, are also some of my favourite places to relax and socialise in. Earlier in 2018 is was the beautiful Kawau Island in the Hauraki Gulf

My Equipment

We all dislike poor audio, whether we are consciously aware it is, or not, it is fatiguing to the ear and can really unsettle the mood of the party. I’ve spent a great deal of money on my equipment and am constantly adding equipment and looking at ways to improve my show and set up. My show is a high-end show, and my mobile sound system is up amongst the best on offer, there is pride in that fact

I use, a Rane 64 mixer, Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus II media players, HK Audio and JBL sound equipment, Sennheiser microphones and Martin Lighting

It’s a Wedding, a Party not a Radio show!

Microphone etiquette is important, some DJ’s are constantly on the Microphone announcing the music. This breaks the flow of the journey and is unnecessary. If a guest does not recognise a particular tune I’m happy and take some pleasure from them coming and asking me. I’m an expert on the microphone – but I’m discreet and you won’t hear from me except where necessary

Location Location Location and Friendly Suppliers

If I’m unfamiliar with a venue, working in someones home etc, I will always endeavour to undertake a site check, often with my clients on hand. Having said this, I have worked across the majority of the significant venues between Wellington and the Hawkes Bay. Given this, I can often bring direct knowledge to bear, with my clients, as to what they can expect from their venue and how best to utilise it. I’ve also worked with many suppliers, and I have my favourites. Here, you can check out the venues and suppliers I’ve worked with, and recommend

Premium Product

Mine is a Premium DJ service,  I dress in a suit and bring 10’s of thousands of dollars of equipment to bear on my functions. I communicate promptly and clearly and offer a free quote and consultation. I take pride in myself and my offerings and don’t use any gimmicks to mask any inadequacies in my abilities or performance. I’m creative and can mix and blend across multiple genres and eras of music (not always perfectly, but it is an organic process)

You need a Professional Wedding and Event DJ

To conclude, you need a professional to weave together your favourite music, to customise a musical experience based on the likes (and dislikes) of you and of your guests. An iPod just can’t do what a good DJ can. From the first guests to arrive, through to the last dance, I will make your event fun and memorable, I will bring the party!

DJ Max, your DJ and Party Maker for any occasion