2020 Weddings, a New Year a new decade.

Where to start? Before I move onto 2020 Weddings, a bit about the last year or so. Last year was very busy, after taking a few years out away from DJ’ing in bars and clubs I signed with an agency that has me doing a lot of DJ work in bars again. A lot of this work has been afternoon and early evening work, but some does encroach into the night, although I’m oft done and dusted by midnight and home to my bed. With the various musical genres directed by the various bars I’ve been getting to explore aspects of my large collection of music that had not been getting much ‘airtime’ prior and this has been refreshing.

My 2020 Weddings and other function work has also taken off, it seems a lot of couples have been waiting for 2020 to roll around to get married. I’ll be working across several venues in the coming months that are new to me and yesterday I site checked Otaki’s Anam Cara Gardens for a Wedding I’m DJ’ing in February. This pace is stunning, beautifully set up and I’m excited to have the opportunity to work there.


I also got a puppy, Nina (thank you Wellington SPCA), a Border Collie/Labrador cross, and she has changed so much about how I live and the things I look forward to. This is her high in the hills with one of her Mum’s. I look forward to every moment with Nina and it is hard to be away from her for the long days that my Weddings are but I, and she, have a network of friends and neighbours that are all helping out and the peak of the Wedding season, the majority of my long days, is not too long.

I’ve invested heavily in new equipment over the past year and now boast a thumping JBL sound system and Pioneer Nexus II media players. I’ve also added 2 sets of Sennheiser microphones and a plethora of other ‘bits and bobs’, this has significantly improved my set ups and shows and reduced some of my labour. All great things.

I have a busy summer ahead and this includes my annual pilgrimage to the 3 day Splore Music Festival in February, to relax, dance and enjoy the music of others. This will be followed by the 3 day Club 121 Festival in March (again just a punter) at the Tauherenikau Racecourse, where I DJ’d a fabulous Wedding in December last year. This place too is stunning and Rose and Smith are supreme operators, if you’re hunting venues you definitely need to visit this one. I also have work on various concerts driving production crew and musicians and drove for the John Farnham production in December and next month have Randy Newman and then in April, one of my heroes, Patti Smith in Christchurch.


In March, the tail of peak Wedding, I’m back at The Otaki Milk Station (OMS) themilkstation.co.nz/, another sublime venue and under the auspices of the brilliant Norbert and his beautiful German Shepherd, Bella. This is a Ruth Pretty Catering (RPC) www.ruthpretty.co.nz/ catered affair, as they oft are at the OMS. I’ve done a lot of work with both the OMS and RPC and I credit Paul Pretty with where I stand now with regards my position as an experienced Wedding DJ.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading. #herewego2020weddings